ATTN: Reuse Center will be closed on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday, Jan. 21st. There will be NO delay in curbside recycling collection. 

Recycling Tip for Better Results: Construction Materials

One of the three little pigs might have made his house out of bricks, but he definitely didn't put any of his leftover construction material into the curbside recycling bin. Don't make us into the big, bad wolf by disposing of your construction material in the wrong way!

Many types of construction material can be reused or recycled when brought to a proper facility. Luckily, Recycle Ann Arbor has a Recovery Yard that specializes in recycling construction and demolition (C & D) materials. We've also seen lots of DIY projects that use old windows, siding, and other construction materials creatively. 

Why can't I put construction material (bricks, wires, window frames, concrete, etc) into the recycling bin? 

Construction materials contaminate the recycling stream which is meant to be clean, residue-free, and only made up of items for recycling curbside (paper, plastics, glass, etc). The structure of construction materials (bricks, wires, window frames, concrete, etc) can also easily jam up the machinery, wrap around gears, and cause serious issues to equipment if the materials end up in the curbside system.

If I can't put it into the recycling bin, where can it go? 

In some cases, construction material may be in good condition and can be reused or repurposed when donated to a proper facility, such as our ReUse Center at 2420 S. Industrial Hwy. However, the majority of construction material should be brought to our Recovery Yard located at 7891 Jackson Rd. which specializes in recycling construction and demolition (C & D) material. Additionally our Drop-Off Station (DOS) at 2950 E. Ellsworth Rd. will also take some construction materials for proper disposal. Disposal fees will apply per cubic yard. 

Stay tuned for September's "Recycling Tip for Better Results" - Light Bulbs. 

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