By Mike Garfield, Ecology Center Director, Recycle Ann Arbor Board of Directors Throughout the U.S., the recycling movement has been suffering body blows.  If it weren’t enough that the Trump Administration was dismantling one major environmental policy after another, new quality-based restrictions by Chinese scrap markets have sent the value of many recyclables into a nosedive.  This is hurting all recyclers, but especially us in Michigan, where landfill overcapacity already put recycling at a disadvantage.  For years, the City of Ann Arbor managed to overcome

This month we want to shed some light on how to properly dispose of various types of light bulbs. There are three main types of light bulbs that we use in our homes today – incandescent, fluorescent (compact and tubes), and LED. No light bulb of any kind should be placed in your blue curbside recycling cart. Incandescent light bulbs are... read more

A Fond Farewell to Christine After five and a half years as Recycle Ann Arbor's Outreach & Zero Waste Coordinator, Christine Chessler-Stull has left to start a new position as Volunteer Coordinator for the University of Michigan's Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichol's Arboretum. She will miss educating the Ann Arbor community during Outreach and... read more

In July, national recycling industry leader Bryan Ukena took the helm of Recycle Ann Arbor as its new CEO. Ukena comes to Recycle Ann Arbor after serving as Co-President of Minnesota-based Eureka Recycling, the nation’s largest non-profit recycler. His roots in the recycling industry—he prefers to think of it as a movement—go deep, beginning with activism to initiate Arkansas’ first... read more

One of the three little pigs might have made his house out of bricks, but he definitely didn't put any of his leftover construction material into the curbside recycling bin. Don't make us into the big, bad wolf by disposing of your construction material in the wrong way! Many types of construction material can be reused or recycled when brought to a proper... read more

Plastic bags and plastic film have unfortunately become synonymous with our societies reliance on items of convenience and single-serve packaging. It’s sometimes hard to say “no plastic bag, please” and even more difficult to avoid plastic film that comes with some of the items we purchase. If you do end up with plastic bags or plastic film lying around, know that... read more