Curbside Recycling for Single-family Residences

Recycle Ann Arbor is contracted by the City of Ann Arbor to collect recyclables weekly at the curb from City of Ann Arbor residents, in a single-stream collection system.

Single-stream recycling is easy and convenient, which encourages residents to recycle the most materials possible. Single-stream recycling allows all recyclables to be placed into one recycling bin without separating papers from containers.

The City of Ann Arbor’s single-stream recycling system allows a wide variety of materials to be collected and recycled.

Acceptable materials include:

Download our one-page recycling guide.

Tips For Single Stream Recycling:

Recycling cart & service options

Recyclables are collected in 64-gallon wheeled carts. Recycling carts are also available in 32-gallon and 96-gallon sizes. Click here for information about recycling cart options.

Call Recycle Ann Arbor at (734) 662-6288 for information about: