Recycling Tip for Better Results: Food Waste and Fall Leaves

The chill of November often brings to mind the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and the end of the growing season in Michigan. In this month, food waste and fall leaves (yard waste) abound! It's important to remember that food waste and yard waste are different waste streams than recycling, and should be handled differently during disposal. 

Why can’t I put food waste or yard waste into the recycling bin?

If I can’t put it into the recycling bin, where can it go?

*Recycle Ann Arbor does not manage the City of Ann Arbor’s compost program. Refer to for full details about the City of Ann Arbor’s compost program.

Tips for backyard composting.

Stay tuned for December’s “Recycling Tip for Better Results”- Winter Holiday Reuse & Recycling Guide

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