What is Zero Waste?

“Zero Waste” is becoming a more popular term - but what does it mean? We want to be clear about how we view zero waste and how it can benefit our community and the planet. Zero waste is not just reducing the amount of materials that we as consumers throw away in our garbage cans. It also isn... read more

Winter Holiday ReUse & Recycling Guide 2018

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle this Holiday Season  Batteries - Rechargeable: Unusable rechargeable batteries & button batteries can be taken to the Drop-Off Station or to the Recovery Yard.  Bubble Wrap: Save quality bubble wrap to be reused. If the wrap ca... read more

Rediscovering Ann Arbor's Zero Waste Mojo

By Mike Garfield, Ecology Center Director, Recycle Ann Arbor Board of Directors Throughout the U.S., the recycling movement has been suffering body blows.  If it weren’t enough that the Trump Administration was dismantling one major environmental policy after another, new quality-based r... read more

Recycling Tip for Better Results: Light Bulbs

This month we want to shed some light on how to properly dispose of various types of light bulbs. There are three main types of light bulbs that we use in our homes today – incandescent, fluorescent (compact and tubes), and LED. No light bulb of any kind should be placed in your blue curbside rec... read more

Recycle Ann Arbor Says Farewell to Christine Chessler-Stull and Welcomes Angela Porta

A Fond Farewell to Christine After five and a half years as Recycle Ann Arbor's Outreach & Zero Waste Coordinator, Christine Chessler-Stull has left to start a new position as Volunteer Coordinator for the University of Michigan's Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichol's Arboretum. She wil... read more

Recycling Tip for Better Results: Construction Materials

One of the three little pigs might have made his house out of bricks, but he definitely didn't put any of his leftover construction material into the curbside recycling bin. Don't make us into the big, bad wolf by disposing of your construction material in the wrong way! Many types of cons... read more

Recycle Ann Arbor's Humble Beginnings: Love, Sweat, and a Better Glass Smasher

By Dan Ezekiel, one of the founders of Recycle Ann Arbor in the early 1970s  article first published by the Ecology Center in 2003  In the spring of 1978, I attended a meeting to organize leafletting for the first pickup by Recycle Ann Arbor, a new organization loosely modeled ... read more

Recycling Tips for Better Results: What to Do with Wood

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? None, because the woodchuck knows that wood doesn’t belong in the curbside recycling bin! Although wood is a natural resource, it has no place in a curbside single-stream recycling system. When properly disposed of, wood can b... read more

Recycling Tip for Better Results: General Trash Items

Some of the items we purchase are unfortunately destined for the landfill simply because there is no ability or option to recycle, reuse, or repurpose that item for various reasons- often due to what material(s) it is made from. Practicing a lifestyle in which you put “reduction” first will allo... read more

Recycling Tip for Better Results: Furniture

Keep that old furniture out of the landfill AND the curbside bin.  There are plenty of reasons why you might need to dispose of or replace furniture: moving out of Ann Arbor, upgrading your existing furniture choices, or replacing broken pieces that just can’t be repaired. In the City o... read more

Nie Funeral Homes Recycling Program Brings New Life to Old Materials

  Family owned and operated Nie Funeral Homes has taken their commitment to caring for the community to a new level by considering the environmental impact of their day-to-day operations. After taking an environmental science class at Washtenaw Community College last semester, Jake Nie, so... read more

Live Document Shredding at the Recovery Yard

From April 14th through November 10th 2018, Live Document Shredding service will be offered at the Recovery Yard at 7891 Jackson Rd., Ann Arbor, MI. On the second Saturday of each month through November from 9 am to 12 pm, you can bring important documents and have them disposed of securely... read more

Recycling Tip for Better Results: Clothing and Textiles

Spring cleaning is almost here, which often means cleaning out your closet and discarding older items of clothing. Additionally, tired textiles you might want to purge include things like towels, bedding, and curtains. There’s no reason these items have to go into the landfill, but they also shoul... read more

Recycling Tip for Better Results: Electronics (E-waste) and Large Appliances

During the holiday season you may have replaced some of your outdated appliances or broken electronics, but where do they go now? Rather than pile them in your basement, there are local outlets for proper disposal. It’s important to remember that electronic waste and appliances should not be landf... read more

Winter Recycling Readiness 2017

Winter is coming... and we know that while you may be planning to spend some extra time indoors, you will still need to venture to the curb to set out your solid waste carts. Here are some tips to ensure that your recycling still gets picked up during inclement weather. These tips apply to ... read more

Recycling Tip for Better Results: Food Waste and Fall Leaves

The chill of November often brings to mind the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and the end of the growing season in Michigan. In this month, food waste and fall leaves (yard waste) abound! It's important to remember that food waste and yard waste are different waste streams than recycling, and should ... read more

Recycle Ann Arbor Awarded Contract to Process Ann Arbor’s Recyclables

On June 5th, after an 8-month-long bid process, the Ann Arbor City Council voted 11-0, unanimously approving a 1-to-2-year contract with Recycle Ann Arbor to process the City’s recyclables. After the Council vote, Ann Arbor Mayor Christopher Taylor declared, “I look forward to w... read more

Winter Holiday Reuse & Recycling Guide 2016

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle this Holiday Season  Batteries - Rechargeable: Unusable rechargeable batteries & button batteries can be taken to the Drop-Off Station or to the Recovery Yard.  Bubble Wrap: Save quality bubble wrap to be reused. If the wra... read more

Recycle Ann Arbor Website Wins Design Award

We are pleased to announce that our new website, recycleannarbor.org has won a web design award for Best Environmental Website.  Since 1997, the Web Marketing Association's annual WebAward Competition is judged by a panel of judges from around the world and includes 96 ind... read more

The ReUse Center Gets Graffitied, in a Good Way with a Good Message

Next time you visit the ReUse Center, check out the new urban art mural to the right of the entrance. Insider tip: It makes a great selfie backdrop. Collaborating with the Neutral Zone, Recycle Ann Arbor recruited local student artists for a recycling-themed mural on the exterior on the ReUse Cen... read more